On June 14, 2022, Jobs to Move America partnered with the National League of Cities to host a webinar on how elected and agency officials around the country can create good jobs for their residents using local and targeted hiring policies.

The call covered the history of local and targeted hiring programs, what has changed for cities and states under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and opportunities for further federal action, like Jobs to Move America’s campaign to update the Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance and end the federal ban on local hire.

The call also featured presentations from elected officials, agency leaders, and community organizations that have successfully implemented local and targeted hiring provisions in their cities, including how tools like project labor agreements and community benefits agreements can be used to create equitable access to infrastructure jobs.

Michael Lawliss, Senior National Policy Coordinator, Jobs to Move America
Miguel Cabral, Executive Officer, Diversity and Economic Opportunity, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority
Janice Zahn, Assistant Director of Engineering and Construction, Port of Seattle
Deka Dancil, President, Urban Jobs Task Force (Syracuse, NY)

Watch the Video Recording Here