Earlier this month, Congress made a historic investment in our nation’s physical infrastructure by passing the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This legislation will help communities across the country rebuild their roads and bridges, railways, public transit systems, airports, water systems, and broadband networks, among many other projects, and promises to add an average of 2 million jobs per year over the next decade. The legislation also contains some important investments in climate infrastructure—including a provision from Jobs to Move America around local hire.

Some of the highlights of the IIJA include: $110 billion to repair highways, bridges, and roads; $65 billion to improve broadband networks for rural and low-income communities; $39 billion to modernize our public transit systems, which will help them address accessibility and procure trains and buses, including zero-emission buses; and $7.5 billion to invest in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Read more at the Jobs to Move America website.